The Kent Hotel & Jolyon’s Karaoke are committed to providing you with a safe and enjoyable singing experience during the COVID Pandemic. To ensure your safety we are adhering strictly to social distancing laws and hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the hotel. Furthermore, your Karaoke Host will be sanitizing the microphone after each use and placing a single-use disposable microphone cover on the microphone before handing it to you.

Karaoke Rules

  • Due to COVID we are accepting Solo singers only
  • Songs may only be requested via the QR Code / Website song request form
  • You may only request songs from the song list
  • You May Not submit a request for another song until you have sung your current request. After you have sung your song you may then submit another request.
  • Do Not enter the stage until you are called upon to sing your song
  • When you are called to sing please sanitize your hands with the sanitizer provided at the stage entrance
  • The Karaoke host will hand you a freshly sanitized microphone
  • No MIC Drops!
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Song List by Title
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